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Godrej Kali Mehendi (Black Heena) 24 g

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Godrej Kali Mehendi (Black Heena) 24 g

Godrej Kali Mehendi 100% Natural Black Heena

Godrej Kali Mehendi is the product of the most famous company Godrej. It is well known in Indian Market and has range of products and Godrej Kali Mehendi is among those, and it is used for coloring hair and covers the gray hair.

Godrej Kali Mehendi is sold in many countries across the globe, it is the safest way of coloring your and retain youthful looking hair. It not only colors your hair but also gives it soft and natural look. Godrej Kali Mehendi is enriched with the goodness of Amla (gooseberry) mehendi and shikakai which gives the hair natural healthy look.

Godrej Kali Mehendi naturally darkens your hair and also it enhances your hair growth and also it acts as a natural conditioner and cleanses your hair and makes soft, silky and shiny, Godrej Kali Mehendi is very convenient to use and it spreads to the roots of your hair making it strong and natural looking, no matter how long you leave it on your hair the color is always perfect.

The Godrej Kali Mehendi is used by millions of people every day and it is the safest way of coloring your hair.

Pack size:
24 grams

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