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Itch Guard Cream - 25g

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Itch Guard Cream - 25g

Relief from Fungus, Jock itching, Athlete’s foot, Eczema skin

Itch Guard Cream is one of the quick and instant effective ointment to relieve  you from itching, thus soothes you with its cooling effect. The New Itch Guard  provides fast relief from itching & inflammation of skin. It is keen effective  in Jock Itch & Infection between toes & Fingers. Problems Occur at waist, folds  of inner thighs, buttocks and underside of breasts & armpits. This Itch Guard  Cream has been enriched with Clotrimazole IP, Menthol IP, Boric Acid IP, Zinc  Oxide IP, which makes it more effective, thus relieves you from any such irritation.

Pack size:
25 gram

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