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Kayam Churna - Ayurvedic Laxative Medicine

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Kayam Churna - Ayurvedic Laxative Medicine

Kayam churna is a very famous Ayurvedic treatment for constipation. It is a powerful and intelligent blend of good Ayurvedic herbs.

Ingredients -
Senna leaves (Cassia angustifolia)
Black Salt (Saindhava salt / Saindha namak)
Nishoth (Trivrit) – Operculina turpethum
Ajwain – Carum capticum / Trachyspermum ammi
Himej = Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)
Svarjika Kshara – a type of Kshara preparation
Jethi Madh = Yasthimadhu = liquorice = Glycyrrhiza glabra.

Kayam churna benefits -
Kayam churna is claimed to be beneficial in Chronic constipation, acidity, gas, headache and mouth ulcer.

How to use -
1 – 2 teaspoons at bed time, preferably before food with half a glass of hot water.

Pack size - 
100 gram